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Naked Preteens

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 18:12:19 -0800 (PST)From: "Darron, Darron The Witch, The Witch" Subject: Dream Boy Ch. 11 Continuation of Dream Boy by Danny The Witch."A spaceman came traveling on his ship from afar, twas light yearsof time since his mission did start, and over a village he halted hiscraft and it hung in the sky like a star,Just like a star.He followed a light and came down to a shed where a mother andchild were lying there on a bed, a bright light of silver shown 'roundhis head and he had the face of an angelAnd they were afraid.Then the stranger spoke, he said do not fear I come from a planet along way from here and I bring a message for mankind to hear,suddenly the sweetest musicfilled the air.And it went, Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah Nah nahnah Naked Preteens nah nah nah nahPeace, and good will to all men and love for a child. Nah nahnah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah Nah nah nah...This lovely music went trembling through the ground and manywere awakened on hearing that sound and travelers on the road, thevillage they found by the light of that ship in the sky,that shone all around.And just before dawn at the paling of the sky the stranger returnedand said now I must fly when two thousand years of your time hasgone by this song will begin once again,to a baby's cry.And it went Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, Nah nah nah nahnah nah Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah Peace good will to all men,and love for the child. Oh the whole world is waiting, waiting tohear the song again... Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah... -A Spaceman Came Traveling(Author Unknown)Dream BoybyDanny The WitchPart IIIThe Awakening"...The closer you get to the meaning, the more you realize that yourdreaming..."-Heaven & Hell (Ozzy Ozborne)"...I awoke with a yawn at the first light of dawn, and I saw himand through his disguise,...They said there'd be snow at Christmas, they said there'd bepeace on earth,Hallelujah, Noel, Naked Preteens be it Naked Preteens heaven or hell, the Christmas we get wedeserve..." -Father Christmas (Emerson, Lake &Palmer)"...Down on your knees, hear the angel's voices,Oh night, divine, oh holy night, the night that Christ wasborn..." -Holy Night (Christmas Carol)-Chapter Eleven- It was a dark and stormy night. The air was sultry. Youcould smell ozone in the atmosphere. The first lightning flash tookus all by surprise. It lit up the night. I counted to myself, 'One onethousand, two one thousand, three one thousand' and then thethunder-- crackling across the sky as if the sky above us weretearing apart. BOOM ROLL ROLL ROLL ROLL ROLL "Wow!!" Tommy said. "Damn!! That was close," Sean said. "A little over half a mile," I said. "How'd you know that?" Sean asked. "It's easy," I said. "When the lightning flashes you startcounting, like I just did-- I counted to three, that's three seconds forthe thunder to hit-- Sound travels at a fifth of a mile per second;three seconds makes 3/5ths of a mile, which is a little more thanhalf a mile." "That's cool," Sean said. Tommy looked up at the street light, "They're all knocked out,"Tommy said. "Yea-- Their light sensitive, " Sean said, "the street light's-- itwas a bright flash." "Do you think it's gona rain?" I asked. "We could turn back?" Tommy said. "No-- I got to show you guy's this," I said. Earlier, after I got to their house, and everyone made all theirintroductions, I told Sean and Tommy's parents that I needed to goto my house and get a change of clothes and stuff-- I guess my dadjust wasn't himself and didn't even think to stop by the house first.Their parent's wouldn't let me go myself, so Tommy and Sean camealong for moral support. "So, what is it that you want to show us?" Tommy askedcurious. "Yea?" Said Sean. "You'll see," I said. Just then another lightning flash. Thistime we all saw the bolt, criss-cross through the sky, and then headtowards the earth. "That one hit ground!" Sean yelled. "Yea, " Tommy yelled. I counted out loud, "One one thousand- CRASH!! We all dropped to the sidewalk-- the thunder was so loud,holding our ears with the palms of our hands. When we stood back up, we all noticed that the power wasgoing out all over the area-- first one side of the street, then theother, and then further up the road, and so on. After a fewmoments-- everything was dark. "Spooky," said Sean. "Damn dude, if our parents had any idea a thunder storm wascoming this way, they never would've let us walk all the way toyour house," Tommy said, "Come on-- let's hurry or our folks will beworried." We all walked speedily at that point. Suddenly, I heard morethunder, coming from a ways a way. "That's weird, " I said, "Didn't see any lightning that time." "That's 'cause it's not thunder, " Sean said pointing towardsthe west, low to the horizon." "Fighters," Tommy said. We all watched dumbfounded as two f-4's Naked Preteens came screechingpast at a low level and flying slow, the noise was deafening. "Phantoms," I said. "What the hell?" Sean said. While we were all looking up, there was another lightningflash. "Did you see that?" Sean asked. "Yea," Tommy said. "See what?" I asked, and then-- KABOOM. "Keep looking," Sean said pointing upwards towards theclouds Naked Preteens directly overhead. I watched, my eyes fixed to that spot in the sky-- We were allsilent. I could hear the Phantom's circling back 'round again. "What the hell is going on?" I asked. "Shut up-- Keep watching," Tommy said. After another minute, there was another flash-- this flash letup the entire clouds from the inside-- "Did you see it?" Sean asked excited. "Yea, " I said. What I saw, I did not expect, not in the middleof a surprise thunder storm, in the middle of a power-outage, nolight, no street-light's; darkness. "Yea but do you know what it is?" Tommy asked me. "Yea-- It's one of those fucking ships!" I yelled. I saw thesilhouette of a medium sized space-craft-- dark-- oblong in shape,suspended in mid air-- big!! Just then the f-4's came screaming by again, and behind them,about a half mile came two more screaming Phantoms. "Come on," I said, "Let's go." Suddenly wanting to get the hellout of here. "Wait," Sean said. "No Sean-- Let's go now!!" Yelled Tommy. We all ran, the rest of the way to my house. When we got to my house, Sean and Tommy followed me intomy back yard. I got to the garage and I dialed the combination tothe Masterlock, and then lifted up the garage door. Once we all got inside, I took out the pendant from inside ofmy pocket, "Look, " I said showing the pentagram to them both. "Your one of us now," Sean said. Tommy reached for the pendant and slipped it around myneck, fastening it behind my neck. "I've got to call my folks," Tommy said, "They'll be worried." I pointed to the door that led inside the house, "Phone's inside-- use the kitchen phone, on the wall," I said and Tommy went insidethe house. I lead Sean inside the darkroom and turned on the eerie redlight. The torn up film and the projector were both gone--apparently my dad had Naked Preteens cleaned up all the mess. "So, what did you want to show us?" "Come on," I said and Sean followed me into the house. Wepassed by Tommy who was on the phone his part of theconversation was: 'We're fine-- Yes the power is on here.' 'Yes, I'm Naked Preteens sure.' 'I don't know.' 'Okay.' We waited for Tommy to get off the phone. "Everything okay?" I asked. "We need mercury," Tommy said. Sean looked at Tommy with wide eyes. I hunched myshoulders. "Do you have a thermometer?" Tommy asked me. "Um, yea in the bathroom," I said. "No-no a big one, like the kind you hang on the wall," he said. "Oh, there's one in the garage on the wall over my dad's workbench," I said. "Be right back," Tommy said and walked out towards thegarage again. I hunched my shoulder's again and motioned Sean to followme into my bedroom. When we got inside, I opened my closet. Ithrew all my tennis-shoes and high-tops out of the way, and pulledup the piece of carpet underneath. Then I removed the board thatlaid loose under the carpet that revealed a hole in the floor board. Ireached past the water pipe that ran directly under the whole andfished around in the dark, I had to reach down pretty far, and thensqueeze my finger's to the left where I'd stuck it-- hidden out ofview in case someone stuck a flash light and looked down here. "Where are you?" I said out loud. Suddenly my finger's felt it,"Ah ha-- there you are!" I grabbed the plastic bag and lifted it outof the hiding spot passed the water pipe again. Sean leaned down to see what I had. I untied the plastic bag.Just then Tommy came in holding the Beaches Thermometer. "Is this it?" he asked, "This is what you wanted us to see?" "Yea," I said. I opened the bag and pulled out the 8mm filmand held it up for them to see. "That's the film!?" Tommy asked amazed. "Yea," I said. "But I thought-" Sean started "-It was a trick," I interrupted, "I switched the films-- one ofmy dad's porno's. everything else was a distraction-- I peed andthrew up all over the film and tore it to pieces and then broke theprojector hoping to cover my tracks--" "But, how'd you know the police wouldn't look at a frame andknow what you did?" "I didn't. It was a hunch." "I don't understand," Sean said. "Well, I've watched Starsky & Hutch a lot as well as Streetsof San Francisco, and on those shows the police never just hand outevidence," I said. "Yea-- you're right," Tommy said, "Usually they make a personcome down to the evidence room." "Right," I said, "But, it was my hunch that in this case, theydidn't have to do that because-" "They made a copy," Sean said. "Yup," I said. "That's genius," Tommy said. "But still, how'd you know?" Sean asked. "Know what?" "-Know that when the police came back to collect the filmthey wouldn't look at it closely." "The police never came here," I explained, "My dad cleaned upthe mess and threw the film away without ever looking at it." "How'd you know that?" Sean asked. "Because, when I talked to the detective in the hospital, all heknew was that I destroyed the film-- he didn't know any details." "Genius," Tommy said. "Only problem is, is we need the projector now," I said. "Don't worry about that," Sean said, my dad has a film viewerat home." "Let's go," Tommy said. He had Naked Preteens managed to separate the glasstube of mercury from the holder it was in-- he handed it to me. "What's this for?" I asked. "It's holy water," Tommy said, "Don't put it in your pocket,hold it your hand." "I don't understand," I said. "It's protection," Sean said. "Protection from what?" "Don't worry about it-- as long as you Naked Preteens got it, you won't haveto worry about it," Tommy said, "Now come on-- let's go." We all left the house through the garage again. And startedthe trek back to my friends' house. The storm seemed to have passedby, because there was no more lightning. "That was weird hu??" I asked. "What-- the ship?" Tommy asked. "Yea," I said. "Yea-- It was weird." Tommy said. I observed Tommy andSean exchange looks at one another again. "What?" I asked. "Nothin'," Tommy said. I looked at Sean questioningly. "It was probably just a fluke," he said. "I told you about that abduction dream I had," I said. "Yea-- It's probably just a co-incidence-- " Tommy said. Theyboth seemed reluctant to say any more. "You ever seen anything like that before?" I asked them. "Yea once," Tommy said. Sean nodded affirmative, "Yea, once before," and lookednervously at the glass tube of mercury I was holding in my Naked Preteens hand.So did Tommy. I glanced down at it myself. "You want to know a secret?" I asked. "Yea sure," they said. "For a minute there-- I thought that ship was going to abductme. I was pretty scared." Tommy responded with a nervous chuckle. Sean didn't sayanything. "You watch too many alien shows," Tommy said, and then weall laughed. I looked back down at the mercury in my hand, "So, what'sthis for then?" "Well-- Look at it like this, it's kind of a Talisman--" After several moments of silence I decided to change thesubject, "So, any ideas how I could be in a film and not know it?" "Maybe," Tommy said. "Well?" "I'd rather wait until I had a chance to see it," he said. "Me too," Sean said. "But--" I prodded. "Well, okay, " Tommy said. "There is a black magic system, our folks told us about that-"Sean started. "That would," Tommy continued and looked at mequestioningly, "That would allow an adult to be able to possess achild." "You think that could have happened?" I asked. "Can't be sure until we see the film, " Tommy said. Sean said, "It's unlikely because, supposedly the child has to beconsensual - You said you saw what may have been a magical markon the other boy's palm?" "Yes, a triangle," I said. "But, did you see any kind of magical marking on your body?"Sean asked. "No," I said. "Well, than that's probably not it then-- I mean it couldexplain why you don't remember but--" Sean said "But--" Tommy continued, "You would probably remember ifyou participated in any kind of magical ceremony that would haveopened yourself up to this type of possession." "Besides that," Sean said, "You said you recognized nuancesand stuff of yourself and your friend-- if the two of you werepossessed, all of your nuances would be different." "Okay, then what else could it be?" I asked. "You really want to know?" Tommy said. "Yea," I said. "I think THEY are fucking with you--" Tommy said pointingup towards the sky in a kind of whisper, "-fucking with your head." "I don't understand-- you think-- you think I was reallyabducted by aliens?" Sean and Tommy didn't answer. Why would the Eons do that? I thought they were myprotectors?? You both said they protect-" "THEY aren't they Eons--" Tommy said. "Then who Naked Preteens are they?" I asked. Tommy didn't say anything. I looked at Sean. ReluctantlySean said, "They're called The Greys." "Come on, Let's stop talking about this, let's just hurry back sewe can all see the film." Tommy commanded. "But wait," I said rather sternly, "Come on, I've been honestwith you guys-- stop holding out on me!" Tommy and Sean looked at each other. "Are you saying that the Greys are they bad guys? 'Cause Itold you about that dream I had where they've been helping me-" "Okay, here's the story..." And this is what they told me: Basically they told me that there are two forces at work in theworld that could be said are extra-terrestrial in nature althoughthat's not exactly true. The Eons, which have been here likeforever, and The Grey's. The Eons are highly advanced both intellectually andspiritually and they are totally benign and only want to help us toachieve higher levels of truth and spirituality. They basically actwithin the will of the one who loves us. The Grey's however can be either benign or evil and basicallyact according to their own will-- they can befriend us and even helpus but usually at best they develop a relationship with us that isbased on mutual Naked Preteens needs , in other words, a mutually beneficialrelationship with themselves usually benefiting more than us.Typically, they help us along as they need to and when we're nolonger of any interest to them, they can turn rather cruel. AlthoughThe Grey's act according to their own purposes, because they utilizedeception they primarily act within the will of the one who wantsto destroy us. Now, the Eons are basically in conflict with the Greys, in factthey are at a state of war with Naked Preteens each other and have been for a verylong time. The Eons could probably kick the asses of the Grey's anytime they want but, they have entered into a type of agreementwith the Grey's- I suddenly asked, "Is this why my red lights didn't try toprotect me if I really got abducted?" "Yes, " Tommy said, "They have agreed not to enter into anykind of direct battle with the Grey's." "Why?" I asked, "If they can kick their ass-" "Because, " Sean said, "It's complicated-- Mankind wouldsuffer." "How?" Tommy continued: "Basically mankind as a whole needs the Greys becauseremember when I was explaining earlier to you that someone hasbeen controlling the Naked Preteens eco-system of the planet to prevent entropyfrom breaking down nature on earth into a chaotic system?" "Yes," "Well-- The Grey's are the one's who have been doing that-- sothey're kind of a necessary evil-- If it wasn't for the Grey's theearth's eco-system would have broken down and become chaoticmillennia ago-- in fact, it happened one other time." "The great flood?" I asked. "Yup," Sean said. "Anyways, The Eons don't have anything to do with that--they are primarily spiritual-- they don't have bodies, the human raceis dependent on the Grey's to continue to keep the nature of earthbalanced-- if they were to suddenly decide to say 'fuck it, we're outof here-' and leave, the earth would die. And it was further explained: In order to prevent that from happening because the Eonscare about us, they entered into an agreement with the Grey's not todirectly interfere with their 'experiments' However, the Eons usually take interest in those that theGrey's have taken interest in-- and the Grey's definitely tookinterest in you first-- the Eon's came along to balance out theirdeception. I said, "Are they interested in you too?" I asked. "Yes, They were-- They're interest in us was basically you."Tommy and Sean told me. "What's their interest in me?" "You can manifest," Tommy said. Naked Preteens "What?" I asked. "I'll explain more later, we're almost home-- but, you can alterreality-- they don't know how you do that-- they want to find out." "Oh," I said as if I understood but I really didn't. When we got inside the house we said hello to my best friends'parents and then rushed off as soon as we could into the garagewhere the film viewer was. Tommy loaded up the viewer machine, and then asked,"Ready?" "Wait," Sean said, "We need popcorn." "Shut the fuck up Sean!" I said. We all laughed. We needed that. Then Tommy started the machine. On came the screen: Love Boys - Color Climax And then there I am again writing a note in big block letters.The note reads: "Nothing in thisWorld is whatIt appears to be" "Wait a sec-" I yelled. "Stop it." "What?" Tommy said as he stopped the editor. "That's not what it said before-- before it said: 'Somewhere inthe past every man finds himself'. This is fucking weird!" "Just start again," Sean said. Tommy started it and I continued to watch: The whole first part of the film Naked Preteens is exactly the same as Iremembered it. There I am in the park in the forest with my friendScott. We decide to show each other our dicks. Scott pulled hispants down, and just after he starts touching my dick he thennotices something that attracts his attention to his left. He'spointing towards the camera. I look too. I hadn't noticed this part before-- perhaps it was there but Ididn't notice it like now. Scott walks over towards the camera.You can clearly see the triangle on his palm now. He's directly infront of the camera now when he gets this goofy confused look onhis face, and then suddenly a smile. "Wait!! Stop it again!" I said. Tommy stopped the film. "Okay go back-- " Tommy rewound. "Does this thing have freeze frame?" I asked. "No, but I can slow-mo it," Tommy said. Tommy started the film in super slow motion. What I sawamazed me. Scott gets real close to the camera, and then thatsudden weird look comes over him. Suddenly, Scott's face loses allexpression. Then in the next frame you see a light shoot out fromthe direction of the camera directly into Scott's eyes. A momentlater Scott's face becomes re-animated, and then that smile emergeson his face. "Totally fucking weird-- What is that all about?" I asked. Sean and Tommy didn't say anything. Tommy cranked up the motor speed and got the film back upto 18fps. Everything in the film from this point on is different than thefirst time I watched it. It went like this: Scott then turns back towards me and walks back to where Iam standing. And then Scott starts wrestling with me. Scott's characteristics and nuances are remarkably changed.He has become sophisticated in his actions, and experienced. Scott suggests we strip down to our underwear, and I oblige.Then we start wrestling again. Scott keeps trying to pull down theback of my underwear, and playing along I do the same with him.Before too long we both have our underwear off and we are naked. We stop wrestling. Scott keeps momentarily playing with hisboner and I do the same since he has established this to be okay. Scott suggests we try oral sex, and although you can't hearany sound you can tell by the gestures this is what he is suggesting.He indicates that he will go first. I watch as Scott approaches my lap, and start sucking on myboner. I really get into it. I grab the back of his head and try toforce his Naked Preteens mouth all the way down my erection. Scott finally breaksfree of my hold and looks momentarily perturbed but then insiststhat it's my turn. Scott lays down on his back as I lean down on my knees andstarted sucking his dick. He grabs the back of my head also andholds my head still as he humps my mouth. I suck Scott's dick for aminute or so and then I break free of Scott's grasp. We are now both incredibly hard. Scott suggests that webutt-fuck. I can see Scott mouth the words 'butt-fuck' He nodsand points to his own chest indicating that he goes first. Scott reaches into a pocket in his pile of clothes and pulls outa tube of lube. I get on my hands and knees on the grass doggy-style, while Scott lubes up my hole with his finger.While Scott is lubing up my hole that is when you can clearly seethe image of a pentagram on his upper left hand. Scott gets into position behind me, and fucks me in the butt.I seem to enjoy it. After a few minutes Scott gets off of me and it'snow my turn-- I think Scott is going to chicken out but he doesn't.He lays down on the grass on his back while I grab the tube of lube.Scott lifts his legs up into the air as I use a finger to lubricate hishole. I then climb into position sticking my cock up into him. Again Scott's behavior seems like an adult in a kid's body--very sophisticated. He starts to moan and groan. He motions forme to lean in closer to his face and when I do, he wraps his armsaround my head and we French kiss while I continue to fuck him.After a couple of minutes I stop, and we continue kissing-- andthen the film ends. "Holy crap!! The whole film is different-- than the first time Iwatched it!!" Tommy and Sean looked at each other and then Tommy spoke,"We were wrong-- this is definitely possession only it's your friendScott who's getting possessed." "But-- whose possessing him?" I asked. "It's Naked Preteens obvious isn't it?" Sean said, "The viewer." "Who?" I asked. "Who ever watched the film last and did it." Tommy said. "You mean?" I started. "Yea-- someone else has watched the film since the last timeyou saw it-- at a certain moment when Scott is starring into thecamera you can jump in and take possession of him." "I've never heard of such a thing," I said astonished. "Well, we have," Said Sean. "It's why that experience is a black-out for you, after a certainpoint because it keeps changing-- The experience manifestsdifferently each time it happens, before that point where Scottapproaches the camera, the experience always remains the same andthat's the only part you can remember-- everything after that is ablack-out because in a sense, it's still in the present and can stillchange." "I have to confess I don't exactly understand, you saying it's akind of time travel?" "Yes & no, it's called manifestation. Scott was open topossession and you had the power of manifestation, which is thepower to change the present by changing the past." "I have that power?" I asked astonished. "You didn't know that?" "The Grey's told me Naked Preteens in that dream that they were manifestingfor me." "They lied-- You're the one that has been manifesting." I changed the subject, "What does that saying at the startmean?" I asked: 'Nothing in this world is what it appears to be' "Don't know-- we'll have to ask my dad," Tommy said. "He'll know," Sean said, "Our dad knows everything." "Hey," I said, "I don't really understand all this manifestationstuff-- you say I have this Naked Preteens power- How do you know?" "Because," Tommy said, "You've manifested everything." "I don't understand," I said. Sean chirped in, "There are many powers that the Eons cangive you through knowledge in order to combat the Grey's-- There isone power that even the Grey's don't understand and has beencoveted by them and kings since the fall of the magical ancient ofdays and the new age of Kingdoms. This is the power ofmanifestation. Jesus is quoted as saying, 'Did ye not know that yewere gods?'-- It's god-like power to change reality-- In the oldendays they called it the power of the Wiccan-- which was translatedwitch. Naked Preteens The word Wicca actually means 'to bend' literally to bendreality-- The Eons gave you the knowledge directly into your sub-conscious no doubt, and sub-consciously you've been doing it eversince." "I have?" "Yes," Dereck said, "Yes you have and the Grey's know it andthat's their interest in you." "How does it work?" "It mostly works while you dream-- It's like you send athought back in time and then as it unravels back to the present itchanges reality as it goes along." "Well, how come I can't remember doing this?" "You can, " Sean said, "If we hypnotize you, but consciouslyyou don't." "Oh, "I said. Just then Naked Preteens Tommy and Sean's dad walked into the garage,"Tomorrow's Christmas Dereck-- we have a big surprise for you.""Cool," I said. "Dad?" Sean asked. "Yes?" "What does this phrase mean: 'Nothing in this world is whatit appears to be' A surprised look for just a moment on their dad's face andthen a look of understanding; he said, "It's the dogmatic expressionof a basic truth that you know already," he said. "I do?" Sean asked. "Yes, It is the basic supposition of every true mystical,cabbalist, Gnostic, and occult belief system on the planet since thebeginning of time. The logic works like this: that any meaningfultruth of a spiritual nature in the world is hidden-- We Naked Preteens must seek itto find it-- It's wear we get words like Kabahlah and Occult in thefirst place-- Occult means 'hidden' and Kabahlah means 'secret'.There is only one pre-supposition; why is it hidden, the suppositionis, which is ancient, that the truth is hidden behind an illusion; theworld is a satanic illusion and nothing is what it appears to be--" "Holy crap," I said. Sean and Tommy's dad laughed but then his look took on agreater seriousness. He said, "Dereck-- I hear the truth that comesout of you Naked Preteens in reverse. You're involved in something-- I think itwould help, if I shared something with you. I'll be Naked Preteens right back." He left the room and we all looked at each other curious. I said, "So, we really are witches?" "Silly rabbit, " Tommy said, "Tricks are for kids." Sean and Tommy's dad came back into the garage-- Hemomentarily looked at the film editor-- and then at me-- and thensaid, "To understand that, you must understand this--" He handedme a book, in black leather. Sean and Tommy looked at each otherquestioningly. "Welcome to thirty three degrees." I looked at the cover, it had a symbol of a white pentagramsuperimposed over a black inverse pentagram. Underneath it read'The Satanic Lie.' "Come on Sean, Tommy, let's go watch Naked Preteens TV., and let Dereckread the book. The Peanuts Christmas special is on" A moment later I was alone, with a secret book. I laid down on one of the bean-bags in the corner of thegarage, and opened it up to page one. It read: The Satanic Lie. Nothing in this world is what it appears to be. The world is an illusion and has been since the dawn of theage of kings. The illusion is as convincing as the truth. The truth is that Ye are Gods. The lie is that you have no power; that all truth and power isinvested in kingdoms. The truth is that what ever ye believe becomes true. The kingdom's of the world have created and maintain anillusion for the masses that is called The Satanic Illusion. Theillusion is darkness in all spiritual matters. They tell us that we are born and live and then we die andthere is nothing we can do about that. They tell us that we get sick, and suffer disease, and becomeold, and die in wars and in accidents and are the victims of crimeand in all matter of death do we die. The truth is that nothing can harm us that we do Naked Preteens not believein. Ye are Gods. Whatever ye believe is reality and whatever yedo not believe can Naked Preteens not harm you. The power of God is within you, and only to Him are yeaccountable; to no man will you be held accountable. We bow down to no man. There is only one law-- Harm no one. Ye are sovereign, ye arepowerful, and ye are gods. As it was before the illusion in the days of old, the days ofmagic, the days of Enoch, before the dawn of the Satanic age; theage of kingdoms, the age of darkness upon this world; which lasts10,000 years. Whatever ye believe in your heart weather it be good orweather it be evil will be. As it is above, so it is below As it is in heaven, so it is on Earth. As it is within, so it is without. Let no man fool you-- The greatest of lies, is the great lie; which is great for it isbelieved by many or most, the more that believe it the moreconvincing it becomes. And here is the key to faith, for faith will manifest thatwhich is believed in the heart into the world. The heart will believewhat it hears from it's own voice; the tongue- spoken out loud. Themore the tongue speaks, the more it is believed by the heart, and themore it is manifested in dreams. So beware, those that have eyes tosee and ears to hear- watch very carefully what you say for thepower of life and death; of heaven and hell, lies in the tongue.Remember always, that ye are gods and in His image you createwith the spoken word. I closed the book, and suddenly I became very sleepy. As Istarted to fall asleep I whispered to myself, "I am a god." And then I awoke from the strangest dream I ever had in mylife...Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heartHow the music can free you whenever it startsAnd it's magic if the music is groovyIt makes you feel happy like an old time movieI'll tell you about the magic that will free your soulBut its like tryin' to tell a stranger about a rock 'n' rollIf you believe in magic don't bother to choose ,If its junk band music or rhythm & blues just go and listenIt'll start with a smile it won't wipe off your face no matter howhard you tryYour feet start tappin' and you won't seem to find how yougot thereIt just blows your mindIt's magicIf you believe in magic come along with me will dance untilmorning'till its just you and meAnd maybe, if the music is right I'll meet you tomorrow late atnightYou'll go dancin' baby then you'll seeHow the magic's in the music and the music's in meDo you believe in magic... yeaBelieve in the magic of a young girl's soulBelieve in the magic of rock 'n' rollBelieve in the magic that can set you freeAhhhhhhhhhhhhhI'm talkin' about magicDo you believe like I believe?Do you believe like I believe?Do you believe in magic?Do you believe in magic? - Do You Believe In Magic? (The Lovin' Spoonfill)
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